Despite the well-acknowledged potential of MR perfusion, clinical adoption was limited for many decades. Research hospitals, major companies and even small startups all had home-brewed ways of acquiring and post-processing perfusion data. “Who does it the best,” was the question posed by a neuro-oncologist regarding MR perfusion back in 2004. That question triggered a multi-year comparison study in which numerous MR acquisition and post-processing techniques were evaluated. The results of that study proved there was an optimal perfusion approach – unique in the way it accounted for contrast agent extravasation across the blood-brain-barrier – an approach automated and standardized in our first product, IB Neuro™. That study was the genesis of IB.

Since 2007, Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB) has translated the most novel and proven imaging technologies into routine clinical practice. Designed as independent software plug-ins, we chose the OsiriX platform as a way to validate and demonstrate our products. A wise choice! The active members of the OsiriX Users Group subjected IB Neuro to to images from a wide array of scanner vendors and settings. Essentially, IB Neuro was “beaten up” and, through this process, matured into a robust and vendor-neutral perfusion solution. Feedback from this User Group as well as our clients led to the development of our next product, IB Diffusion™ in 2008.

Working in close collaboration with leading hospitals and medical researchers, we further solidified IB Neuro as the standard in MR dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion solutions via stereo-tactic tissue correlations and by incorporating exclusively-licensed technologies. Some of those technologies are now in other products, such as IB Delta Suite™, which is used to generate quantitative Delta T1 maps and is a part of the “fractional tumor burden” (FTB) map generation process. Our most recent product, IB DCE™, will complement IB Neuro and our patented dual-echo process – where both DSC and DCE (dynamic contrast enhanced) parameter maps can be generated from a single MR acquisition sequence.

Recognizing that these new applications will never make it clinical practice if they are cumbersome, costly, or slow, we focus on simplifying sophisticated applications and enhancing workflows. That focus led to the development of IB Rad Tech™, a workflow engine that allows the automation of customizable workflows.

In 2013, we began offering lean healthcare consulting services, IB Lean™. With over 25 years of lean six sigma experience across many industries, our focus on eliminating mouse-clicks and “waste” has translated from software development to helping healthcare enterprises reach their global quality, productivity, and cost targets.

In March of 2018, IB was acquired by IQ-AI Limited (London, UK; formerly Flying Brands Ltd) and is pursuing development efforts in the exciting world of artificial intelligence and deep learning networks.

Solving complex problems with simple, elegant, and standardized solutions is what we do. This is accomplished by listening to our clients who come to us in search for something better, so they can better perform their jobs and help patients.

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