Flow Synchronization

The rising costs of healthcare consume an ever-increasing percentage of our economy. Playing a part in these cost increases are new technologies, advanced treatments, and even an aging population, just to name a few. While healthcare providers have done a tremendous job at keeping pace with these changes, costs have escalated. One proven way to combat rising costs is to focus on synchronizing flow (of patients, of doctors, of images, of data) through the entire system.

IB Flow Syncronization

It is possible that individual departments can “optimize” their respective workflows and achieve productivity or utilization goals while, at the same time, hinder or “sub-optimize” the flow of the overall system. Well-intentioned and good people spend tremendous amounts of time and dollars each year, in the spirit of “continuous improvement”, pursuing goals that won’t achieve expected results.

IB’s approach focuses on flow synchronization from a global perspective. From there, constraints are exploited, value streams are honed, operations are standardized, and customer value is defined and improved. Moreover, dollars are not wasted and can be invested elsewhere. Bottom-line, our approach delivers results that are real and sustainable.

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