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The results obtained from Lean Six Sigma methodologies are well acknowledged. For decades, various industries have achieved tremendous results improving processes, eliminating waste, decreasing inventories, etc. Today, healthcare is beginning to leverage the power of lean methodologies to improve their performance as well. With over 20 years of experience, IB delivers a unique team-centric approach to obtain sustainable improvements.

While it may hurt to admit it, the only people who add value to a product (or service) are those who actually build (or provide) it. Everyone else in an organization exists to support those who add value, and they must do so in the most efficient manner possible.

Buy-in to a Lean project is critical. Sustained results are difficult to achieve without buy-in at all levels. Sensitive to this fact, we engage people at all levels.

What makes us different

  1. We do not waste our client’s time. Our project chartering process identifies both short - and long- term opportunities such that results are obtained quickly. Delivering early, team-driven, results is the best way to achieve wide-spread buy-in and sustainability.
  2. We go as fast as you want to go. Our clients are not “force-fed”, yet we do not suffer from “paralysis by analysis”.
  3. We go as deep as you need us to go; from high-level training seminars to detailed process mapping to measurement system analyses, we work at all levels at all project phases.
  4. We use only the tools we need to in order to get the job done. We approach each project as a unique opportunity and situation. The lean six sigma tool kit is large and not all the tools apply to all projects.
  5. Consultants should be “behind the scenes” players. When the project is over, our team’s express a feeling of satisfaction – one that can only come when hard work is rewarded with tremendous results. This is also the ultimate way to transform organizations to think “lean” and sustain the relentless elimination of waste.

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