Professional post-processing services provide quantitative, fast, and consistent reports for clinical (and research) interpretation.

Expert central reader analysis, which require visual inspection and often manual delineation of tumor ROI, is the current standard for most, if not all, clinical trials. It is well acknowledged, however, that inter-reader disagreement rates can range up to 50-60%. Despite improvements, the fundamental selection of the contrast-agent enhancing (T1+C) tumor volume remains challenging due to the bright signal from non-tumor components (e.g. hemorrhage, proteinaceous material, or subtle enhancements due to anti-angiogenic agents). Also, given the variations in sequence parameter settings, steady-state contrast agent concentrations, patient positioning and the like, automatic tumor delineation can be problematic.

IB’s quantitative solutions

  • Leverage a machine-learned calibration technology
  • Robustly determine enhancing tumor volume by eliminating confounding common on standard MR imaging
  • Foster rapid and objective agreement of TRUE regions of enhancement
  • Work independently of scanner and field strength
  • Enable improved comparison across time and subjects

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