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Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB) develops ready-to-use software applications for the healthcare industry. The strength of Imaging Biometrics is its extensive software development experience integrated with its client-centric approach. Through close collaborations with top research minds in the medical imaging field, proprietary and sophisticated advancements are translated into easy and intuitive analytical software solutions for researchers and clinicians. These solutions are available as plug-ins for visualization software such as the highly acclaimed, open-source OsiriX and commercially-available products such as the aycan Workstation.

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IB Clinic™ is a toolkit of post-processing software plug-ins designed to be integrated into existing medical image visualization applications. IB Clinic™ accepts DICOM image sets as inputs and generates various quantitative parameter maps as DICOM outputs.

IB Rad Tech™ is a workflow “engine” that process customized workflows. Once defined, IB Rad Tech makes the generation of our exclusive and sophisticated image maps, such as delta T1 and FTB (fractional tumor burden), easy and fast. Now, this rich information is no longer limited to large research hospitals. Smaller healthcare providers, such as community hospitals and imaging centers, can now benefit from advanced visualization in an affordable and efficient manner.


IB Neuro analyzes dynamically acquired MR datasets and generates parametric perfusion maps quantifying changes in contrast over time. IB Neuro is routinely used in clinical and research workflows to satisfy advanced imaging needs.


IB Delta Suite performs a variety of fundamental radiology operations including image co-registration, subtraction, class map generation and export. Most notably, IB’s Delta T1 (DT1) maps, which also use the same machine-learned image calibration technology as IB Neuro, are sensitive to subtle contrast enhancement on post-contrast T1-weighted images and selectively ignore blood products that enhance on pre-contrast T1-weighted images.


IB DCE analyzes conventional T1 weighted images and generates an array of relevant perfusion and permeability parameters. Employing the Extended Tofts, Tofts and Patlak models, contrast agent permeability analysis is intuitive and designed with the same user interface as other IB software products.


IB Diffusion analyzes MR diffusion-weighted images (DWI) and generates Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC), extrapolated b-value, IVIM, and other parameter maps. ADC values have been shown to be useful in the initial diagnosis and treatment monitoring of all solid tumors.

StoneChecker is an innovative medical software application designed to aid clinical decision making by providing information about a patient’s kidney stone. The StoneChecker software tool is designed to be a streamlined semi-automated stone assessment tool that almost instantly provides physicians with useful clinical metrics using the patient’s non-contrast CT scans.

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