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The IB™ product line consists of platform-independent plug-ins for advanced visualization that provide the medical community with intuitive and powerful imaging and reporting tools. IB’s products are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems. They are not constrained to a dedicated workstation or platform. Instead, they can extend the base functionality of any existing viewer, workstation, or PACS.

All of our products have been designed for rapid and easy implementation in any size healthcare environment. Our continued strong partnerships with leading clinicians and researchers, coupled with client feedback, drive our product development efforts and ensure our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions.

Because we incorporate the most novel and proven technology and are constantly listening to our client’s feedback, our products continually evolve. To help our clients stay current, we provide them the option of participating in our support and maintenance programs. This allows them to receive technical support and software upgrades as well as to maintain clinical productivity.

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