IB DCE software analyzes conventional T1 weighted images and generates an array of relevant perfusion and permeability parameters. Employing the extended Tofts, Tofts and Patlak models, contrast agent permeability analysis is now intuitive and designed with the same user interface as other IB software products.

Key Features

  • Fast generation of perfusion parameter maps (Ktrans, Ve, Vp, T10, Initial Slope, Time to Peak (TTP), Peak Enhancement, initial area under curve (IAUC)
  • Accurate implementation of the Extended Tofts, Tofts, and Patlak pharmacokinetic models
  • Automatic generation of Vascular Input Function (VIF)
  • Automatic selection of flip-angle series to process
  • Allows manual override of flip-angle series selection
  • Ability to normalize parameters to normal-appearing tissue
  • Ability to output maps fused to anatomical with image registration
  • All calculations are done with the push of simple and intuitive buttons
  • New calculated images are automatically exported as new DICOM series and can be easily pushed to a PACS
  • Automatic report generation in form of a DICOM series that can be exported

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