IB Delta Suite™

IB Delta Suite software consists of “bread and butter” radiological tools that make image manipulation easier and consistent.

For example, IB Delta Suite can take conventional MR images (pre- and post-contrast T1-weighted images) and generate quantitative Delta T1 Maps (qDT1 maps). qDT1 maps are sensitive to subtle contrast enhancement on post-contrast T1 images and selectively ignore blood products which enhance on pre-contrast T1 images. Thus, qDT1 maps aid in automatic detection of tumor regions, free of blood products, which is becoming increasingly useful in longitudinal analysis of patients treated with anti-angiogenic agents. In addition to separating blood products from tumor, qDT1 maps enable easy, convenient visualization of post-surgical residual tumor.

Key Features

  • Multiple registration algorithms to register inter- and intra- study MR scans (rCBV, DT1, ADC, FTB)
  • Exclusive standardization algorithm that allows consistent comparison between different studies
  • Delta T1 Map generation which gives quick and easy detection of tumor regions
  • Thresholding capabilities that allow automatic generation of tumor regions of interest
  • All calculations are done with the push of simple and intuitive buttons
  • New calculated images are automatically exported as new DICOM series and can be easily pushed to a PACS
  • Automatic report generation in form of a DICOM series that can be exported

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