IB Rad Tech™

IB Rad Tech™ is a workflow “engine” that processes customized workflows. Once the workflow is defined, IB Rad Tech makes the generation of our exclusive and sophisticated image maps easy and fast. Now, this rich information is no longer limited to just large research hospitals. Smaller healthcare providers, such as community hospitals and imaging centers, can now benefit from this advanced visualization in an affordable and efficient manner.

Too often, instead of spending time with patients, busy doctors are trying to keep abreast of ever-changing technology advancements. Advanced visualization work-ups, on a case-by-case basis, can be prohibitive if additional resources are not available.

IB Rad Tech simplifies the post-processing of advanced imagery by acting as a “workflow wizard”. Automation and customization are balanced with key quality inputs and built-in intelligence. Developed in collaboration with leading radiologists, IB Rad Tech minimizes nagging mouse-clicks and has reduced the time involved to generate vascular maps by over 75%.


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